TrueNAS Dragonfish 24.04.0 Import Woes

Hey ya’ll. So i have run TrueNAS since it was called FreeNAS… I think the ZFS Pool in queestion was originally created on a FreeNAS 9.0 install. Slowly upgraded the core versions and somewhere along the line a year or two ago switched from Core to Scale successfully before being shut down, disks moved into a new server and TrueNAS 24.04.0 installed. This is a RAIDZ vol that originally consisted of 3x6tb drives. I have more then 3x6tb drives now but im not even trying to add more then 3 disks in a pool right now. I’m just trying to get the old pool back online so i can export all the data to another mirored volume then blow the pool apart, do some extensive full disk testing on all of the 5 total 6tb disks i have and if any have errors they get removed from the server and replaced th. i’ll paste the disks as they’re showing up in the disk management page. I even tried running ‘zfs pool’ i think is what something suggestd to manualy import the pool. No matter what i do when i go to import this pool it fails after a few seconds and hard crashes my server causing a reboot. Oh and another thing worth mentinoing. I had to modify the linux boot parameters, but only after instalationm. The installer didnt sh*t the bed the way it does after installation and going forward untitl i silence my console and make it useable with “pcie=nomsi” and i dont have to put in “quiet” to make the console quiet. Its the pcie=nomsi that does it other wise my console is flooded with some error that is so constant that it concerns me that if pcie=nomsi it just silencing a problem like but not actually fixing it and deep down inside the kernel somewhere its stiill crying its gotta be affecting performance.its so peristsent i cant even really read the message unless i film it and pause the video at the right moment. i just got lucky finding a post probably somewhere on here or stack overflow. i remember fiddling around with a few boot options before gettiong the “right” one. Oh i had to do this remotely via SSH obvously because the console was unusable until i discovered the pcie=nomsi flag . Oh and upgrade-grub .

But back to the main problem… the pool import. I’m going to list all the 6TB disks and you will see it has identified 3 of them as being originally part of my missing critically important pool.Its always gotta be the most important one that fails to just smoothly import likie the rest of them aint it? lol. What can i prove the NAS gods in terms of more data to trobuleshoot of of. I realize htis is a very non tecehnical error report. I just have no clue what to do here. Thanks!

Name Serial Disk Size Pool
sdb WD-WX52AC2M00X3 5.46 TiB N/A

sdd ZF2037LW 5.46 TiB POOL_RAIDZ_12TB_HDD (Exported)

sdf ZF20378F 5.46 TiB N/A

sdg ZF2030LS 5.46 TiB POOL_RAIDZ_12TB_HDD (Exported)

sdi WD-C81LBVVK 5.46 TiB POOL_RAIDZ_12TB_HDD (Exported)