I have Truenas in proxmox and I don’t know why, but I don’t see the CPU temperature and when I set spindown on the disks, there’s nothing.

processor: i5-2400 intel
graphics card: integrated
RAM: 2x 8GB x star
disk: Samsung SSD 128 GB
bios version: PO1-A

Settings proxmox:

CPU temperatures and in general hardware parameters are not available to a virtual machine on any virtualisation platform. You need to manage/monitor these things in Proxmox, e.g. by installing SNMP and using a network management system like Observium or LibreNMS.

Similarly for disk spindown. Your TrueNAS SCALE gets virtualised (VirtIO) disks, there is no way for it to talk to the devices directly.

Which leads to the conclusion that you have a very dangerous setup with a high probability of data loss. You should use a dedicated HBA, PCIe passthrough of that into the SCALE VM, and connect your SATA disks to that.


Apart from pmh’s advice, does devoting CPU/RAM resources to a TRUENAS VM make sense when you only have 4 cores & 16 GB RAM on your proxmox host?

Better to make use of lxc containers whenever possible. Learn to create and administer a zfs pool directly on your proxmox host. If you need file shares, create and configure a lxc container as a fileserver and bind mount zfs datasets on the host to the container. If you need “apps”, use docker in lxc, it’s not officially sanctioned by proxmox, but plenty of homelab folk do it.


Do you use Proxmox for anything that can’t be done in TrueNAS on Bare

Because it’s quite easy to convert a virtual TrueNAS install to bare metal.

Can even be done temporarily if you have a spare boot drive.