TrueNAS Noob problems

HI, I’m new to TrueNAS Scale and at the moment I’m a bit disappointed.
When I restart TrueNAS most of the time my Apps are gone. I restart it then 10-15 times and they are back. I did nothing else than restarting. Anyone else with this problem ?
I also can not install TrueCharts. It gets stuck at 40%. I read many advices, what to do, but nothing helped to be honest.
I also have a problem with Jellyfin App. I installed it and it runs fine, only its DLNA Server shuts down after 10 min or so. If I go to the settings and disable, save and then enable it, its back again.
I liked TrueNAS Dcale first and was thinking about buying the paid version. Are the problems there the same ? At the moment I’m not sure if I’m just unlucky or is the software a bit buggy ? I use a N100 PC with 32GB of RAM and 4 TB SSDs, hope this is enough.

There is no paid version, unless you’re buying it with iX hardware.

The N100 is hardly a powerhouse of a CPU, but ought to be adequate. As to the problems you’re mentioning, they’re pretty hard to troubleshoot without any real detail about what’s happening.

got exact hardware specs?

I see, I thought that I can buy the Enterprise license alone. OK, then this is not an option :frowning:

I use an Asrock N100M Mainboard with 32GB of DDR4 Ram. An 4 port Intel i350 Gigabit NIC, one Intel i210 Fiber NIC. And 1 x M2 SSD 1xSATA SSD both 2TB. Thats the whole system, rather standard.

I see the problem with TrueCHARTS seems to be network related. I cannot access . No idea why, perhaps my provider blocks it ? I cant reach it with a browser.
How can this be ? Never had any problems like this, all pages ran until now. Can you try if you can reach ? I get 404. Or is the site down atm ?

Which of these is your boot device, and why is it 2 TB? Or is the boot device not mentioned in your listing?

How is your pool (or pools) configured?

I forgot, the boot SSD is 256GB.

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