Truenas on local network can't tell the Linux OS the storage capacity

Hi to all TrueNASS people.
I’m fairly new to truenas yet today I did a MX Snapshot of and older system using MBR instead of UEFI.
The entire ISO file is around 80GB.
When I told MX-Snapshot to create it on my Local Network TrueNASS.
MX told me I don’t have enough storage. Yet I have 4TB of storrage.
Q: is there a way to tell truenas to display the storage capacity to the Linux or Windows OS?
Thanks in advance,

Can you elaborate more on your setup and what you did specifically?

This is nothing that needs to be done explicitly.

I like to create an iso image using MX Snapshot.
The Path should be my shared truenas server.
MX Snapshot said I don’t have enough space to create such snapshot. That’s not true, I have 4 TB’s of space on my truenas server.

How are you mounting the truenas share? What is the OS on your client PC?

If Windows, try mapping the share to a drive letter.

I mapped it as a Windows drive but I don’t know how to mount it on MX Linux as a mounted drive

How did you try to save it on the share then it you haven’t mounted it?

Check against the documentation but this should be the correct command:

mount -t cifs -o //TRUENASIP/SMBSHARENAME /mnt/remote/SMBSHARENAME cifs username=USERNAME,password=PASSWORD,iocharset=utf8,uid=1000,gid=1000

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I’ll try this when I get home tonight.
I’ll also look at mx samba config