TrueNAS Permissions


After the most recent update to TrueNAS 13.0u6.1 urbackup has had permissions issues and I now cannot remove permissions via the ACL Manager either.

Every time I change the permissions to what they SHOULD BE (back to normal the way I had it) I get this, as well. NO…TrueNAS is not updating the Dataset ACL either. I can wait for minutes or hours and it goes back to the default Permissions Editor with the everyone@ and owner@…this clearly means it didn’t “set” after save like it said it would.


I have even just created a NEW Dataset and I get the same issues. I think something is U6.1 Broke the ability to change and/or add/delete permissions. I know I am using the urbackup that works version 2.5.25 before the creators broke the ability for it to be updated via the GUI and work. This has been running flawlessly for years and this just broke when I updated to U6.1. Any ideas? I can access the WEB GUI of urbackup just fine. However, once I am in, it says it lost communication to the POOL and doesn’t have the write access to it. This is a load of bologna, as I have verified all settings up and down. I can even see my laptops and desktops have access to the “webserver” of urbackup, because it states it connects. It just will not do the backups now because of the permissions.

What is output of midclt call core.get_jobs | jq for the filesystem.setacl job related to your permissions change?

Holy cow…I just opened up SHELL and typed that in and it spat out a huge list of things. How would you like me to copy that in? 100%?

Generally, you’d scroll through that and look relevant jobs and post what’s relevant (or perhaps see what issue is yourself).