TrueNAS - PROXMOX - iSCSI : Read connection lost


I have setup my first TrueNAS.
For now it’s just a POC for me.

It’s has been installed on a desktop machine :

  • Core I7(Gen12)
  • 32 Gig of RAM
  • 500Gb HD for TrueNAS Core
  • 2x2TB SSD for storage
  • TrueNAS Core 13.0-U6.1
  • 1Gb/s NIC

TrueNAS conf :

  • One static IP connected to a switch on port in access mode.(no vlan, trunk, etherchannel etc.)
  • One pool named data (mirrored using the 2 SSD)
  • One vol created on the “data” named pool, named : truenas
  • iSCSI portal configured with target truenas for all initiator, no authentication

Proxmox conf :

  • 2 servers with proxmox 8.1.3
  • Same subnet as TrueNAS
  • iSCSI connection on each to TrueNAS portal
  • One LVM setup on connected LUN

One Proxmox side everything seems to be OK , I have no error. I have been able to create VM stored on truenas vol.

I made disk perf perf test on the VM, and it also seems to be ok or at least very honest.

But on TrueNAS console I have this log that appears endlessly :

[month] [day] [hour] truenas 1 [date] truenas.local ctld [id] - - [some proxmox ip server]: read: connection lost

ex :

JUN 25 05:36:16 truenas 1 2024-06-25T05:36:16.700194-07:00 truenas.local ctld 6401 - - read: connection lost

As vms work fine on tis storage, I don’t understand this message. I someone can help me to understand and get rid of this : thanks in advance.