Truenas roll back

i am on truenas 13.1-master-202402240814 and i am unable to get plex working any more, does any one know what version i should be on to get a good working plex server again.
i did a manual update ages ago and didn’t relies plex stopped, the reset of the system is working fine.

Scripted Plex Installation

As far as TrueNAS versions go, plex should just work. Unless you’re using the plugin, I’m which case you should migrate to the script linked above.

i have looked at that, one thing, how do i get a terminal under truenas, to do the scrip install

You’ll have to use Putty or some similar SSH client.

Or just the cmd on windows.

can the os be rolled back to a version that supported plex plugin? or is that not possible, i should never have upgraded as i have no need for all the new bits.

Unfortunately it isn’t the OS that is at fault, but the plug-in itself.

Running the script I linked to is far better in the long run. Trust me. I’ve been at the exact place you are at trying to decide if plug-ins are worth it or if I should start making my own jails.

Long story short, they aren’t worth it.

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