TrueNAS Scale 23.10.2 Active Directory

Hi All,

Upgrade to TrueNAS scale 23.10.2 and my active directory connection broke couldn’t access any of my shares using my AD account. Gone to re-configure it but its not working, never prompts me to enter domain admin creds to join the domain. I have deleted the Kerberos realm and keytab but i can’t clear down the ldmap. Is there a command to reset the active directory part of TrueNAS or delete the ldmap?

There should be no need to delete idmap settings. Just go into AD form and uncheck “enable” and click save. Once that’s done, the remaining fields in form should be available.

Enable is already unchecked. If I then try to enable it again just does nothing. I have another test rig at work which is doing something very similar since the upgrade as well.