TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2 Boot pool

Hi, first time posting here so apologies if it is in the incorrect area. I just did some maintenance on my Dell T420 server replacing the CMOS battery. Scale came up without errors and everything was good, I checked for updates and saw there was 23.10.2 so went ahead and updated that.

After logging back into Scale I’m now presented with the following about my boot pool, is this a potential bug as I had no issues with the boot pool prior to updating?

Boot pool status is DEGRADED: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error. An attempt was made to correct the error.

Highly unlikely; much more likely that it means just what it says: there’s an error on your boot pool.

Why would it only all of a sudden appear after doing an scale upgrade.

I would think it would’ve reported it prior after I had powered the server back on and scale came up the first time?

Because something just failed? Because the upgrade wrote to a portion of the boot device that hadn’t been used before? There are other possibilities, I’m sure, but these are the two that come to mind right away.

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