TrueNAS Scale 24.04.0 root fs read-only


I upgraded from 22.x to 24.x and now my root fs /, /bin etc are all read-only, /etc., /root are rw. Did something change locking down the main root fs?

How can I re-enable the filesystem to be rw on reboot, having to do a remount is not optimal.


You can enable dev mode.

But that begs the question… why do you care?

And if it’s because you want to run/install additional software into the base os, then perhaps you should look into creating a Sandbox instead.

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Because it broke some scripts I need to be running for the moment.

I will look into moving them using the sandbox method for the future.

Thank you

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No problem with scripts - but never place them on the root file system. Place them somewhere on your storage pool instead.

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Well it was primarily based on some witchcraft I had to do to the ixgbe driver to get my X520-DA2 nics working in TrueNAS and I couldn’t modify the driver without root access.

You can re-enable r/w on the rootfs without installing the dev tools by running:

sudo /usr/local/libexec/disable-rootfs-protection

Bear in mind there is no enable-rootfs-protection - we recommend backing up your configuration before enabling this.

Note that either using the dev mode or disabling the rootfs protection will set a flag that will “help iX triage” bug reports. I think what that means in plain English is that they won’t really look at bug reports if you’ve used either of those, but they haven’t said that plainly.

Be nice if there was a documentation page for disable-rootfs-protection

(If there is I couldn’t find it)

Well unfortunately I had no choice but to edit the ixgbe drivers, I had another topic open but it didn’t lead to any success. Network interfaces missing from ifconfig but showing in lspci - #3 by mikevipe

The only way I got it working was by manually installing the drivers again.

The plain answer is “it depends”. If there’s an issue that obviously not related to user customization then we might work on it, but in general case it will be often backlogged until we see reports from users who haven’t been mucking with the base OS (or request that user reproduce on pristine install).