TrueNAS SCALE 24.04-RC.1 Now Released!

We are pleased to release TrueNAS SCALE 24.04-RC.1!

This is an early release of a major version that is intended for testing and feedback purposes only.

This release candidate version has software component updates, new features in the polishing phase, and fixes for issues discovered in 24.04-BETA.1.

Notable changes:

  • New privilege levels for TrueNAS administrative users for greater system security hardening (NAS-123416).
  • UPS graphs are added to Reporting screens (NAS-125159).
  • Fixes and polish on Dashboard and Reporting screens (NAS-125453, NAS-127824).
  • Fix for missing SATA/SSD temperatures (NAS-127524).
  • Prevent catalog validation from exhausting available space in /var/run (NAS-127213).
  • Fix for Autoextend fails when upgrading drives in vdev - manually extend causes the drive to drop offline (NAS-126809).
  • Prevent SMB access-denied errors when copying a read-only file with an alternate data stream (NAS-126846).
  • Ensure alert notifications expire properly (NAS-127543).
  • Improved zpool TRIM performance (NAS-125882).
  • Improved Kubernetes stability for applications (NAS-125640).
  • Exposed Netdata UI under Reporting > Netdata for deeper real-time introspection and reporting on system performance.
    The Netdata UI bases time on the local browser time, while the SCALE Reporting screen is based on the TrueNAS system time. Some difference in event time between the two screens is expected.

See the Release Notes for more details.

Download :
Documentation : TrueNAS SCALE |

Thanks for testing this early release of TrueNAS SCALE Dragonfish! As always, we appreciate your feedback!

Also, if you find a bug, please create a ticket at TrueNAS - Issues - iXsystems TrueNAS Jira.


We can finally say that we can at-least support fresh installs of TrueNAS SCALE Dragonfish with our own OpenEBS backend.
We’re also working with HeavyBullets from Heavyscript for easy migration for existing users on a later date.

Checkout the DragonFish storage site on the website for more info if you want to!

Beware, there be, obviously, dragons and it’s still considered experimental till release.

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Not sure if this is the place to record issues with Dragonfish, but it seems as good as any other place.
The old issue that plagued Cobia, of “App Services failing after boot if you are using a bridge” still persists in Dragonfish (see original thread in old forum here)

I’ve raised a ticket (NAS_128228).

Sad, as I was hoping this would be fixed with the new release.


Thanks for creating the ticket. I’ve assigned it out and we’ll see if we can get it fixed. We’re already past code-freeze for .0, but we’ll see if what we can do. In meantime, if you see these things, please by all means put the tickets in earlier rather than later. We’d rather duplicate tickets than something getting missed entirely.

Update: That ticket was a duplicate of this one. Scheduled for 24.04.1.


How does the RC process work then? Isn’t its main purpose to test and address the issues? Genuinely wanting to understand here.

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Yep, it is absolutely that. To date since RC1 went out, we’ve resolved roughly 137 issues found or reported against RC1. Handful of those still open are mainly Epic tickets for bigger items that don’t close out until SQA finishes their testing.

We tend to prioritize items that high impact or severity. I.E. things that hit 100% of people, or have severe consequences. Occasionally some lower priority ones slip in if they are super easy & low risk to merge as well. Doesn’t mean we get every single thing addressed for .0 though, some of them get punted into .1 if we don’t have time to resolve.


More visibility if you are curious:

24.04.0 Fix List:"NAS"%20and%20fixversion%20%3D%20"SCALE-24.04.0%20(DragonFish)"%20ORDER%20BY%20created%20DESC

24.04.1 Fix List:"NAS"%20and%20fixversion%20%3D%20"SCALE-24.04.1%20(DragonFish)"%20ORDER%20BY%20created%20DESC


Thanks for the update.
I figured it may be a duplicate, but just wanted to make sure you knew its still not working in Dragonfish. Hopefully 24.04.1 finally fixes it.

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Just a heads-up for anyone with any SMB users with “Home Directory: /nonexistent”.

You will need to change to the new default or else the user will not be able to access SMB shares. See this post for details


This is more of a general issue that pam_session() will fail if user has non-existent home directory. If you had tried to SSH into server with that user or used any other service that tries to validate via pam_session it would have failed as well. TL;DR, if you want interactive sessions make sure your local users have valid home directories. You just noticed it was an issue for your server because you have configured homes shares and for historic reasons we require enabling samba to obey pam restrictions for this feature.

SMB users who do not have a “home” share are unaffected by this.


I’ve been using SCALE for a while and was on the 23.10 train and then yesterday switched to RC1 in 24.04 train and noticed a large increase in RAM with nothing else changing other than the version of course.

Here is an image showing the jump.

This is expected behavior or is there something else I should tune? NO ZFS tasks are under way from what I can see as well.



This is expected behaviour. 24.04 got better ARC management, before no more than half the available RAM was used for ARC (which left the other half kinda „wasted“). With 24.04 ARC can use almost all available RAM. See the 24.04 RC1 release notes


Thanks! I will adjust my alerting.


Another thing I’ve noticed is the WEB UI is horribly slow… Some times I can’t even login and I’ve tried on different machines and browsers.

I just keep seeing:

Anything to look into?

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Clear the browser’s cache!


TrueNAS (far from exclusively!) has always had some trouble with clearing browser caches… Browser caches are a notorious example of one of the big three challenges in computing, caching. The other one is of course off by one errors.


Great job. I’m looking forward to the release version.

Updated two systems from cobia to dragonfish, so far no problems.

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We could thank those who wish to track everything we do on the 'net for various reasons (like adverts) for this incomplete cleaning of browser caches, and other nefarious longterm hidden data cache via those same browsers.

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