TrueNAS Scale and Qbit torrent (CIFS share access)

Recently migrated from TrueNAS Core 13 to TrueNAS Scale where i serve SMB share’s to various VM’s (both Ubuntu 22 and 24 LTS and Windows).

After the upgrade I thought everything was working appropriately until I realized my Q Bittorrent app was not behaving correctly, the download would start but then stall after a few minutes.

After tinkering with permissions of the service, the share, and the mounting done by fstab I am at a loss with what is broken.

I was able to cause a permission denied, but I can not get the Q Bit app to correctly download the file(s) to the share.

Checking through the logs Q Bit generates it correctly creates the file and/or folder, but watching the download itself via the web GUI it begins to download then drops in speed until it stalls.

The file/folder exists on the network share, but is not the completed file.

Other services running on the same VM function perfectly reading, writing, and even deleting from the same network share (and folders) that Q Bit is accessing.

I’ve seen other topics related to Q Bit and TrueNAS Scale having issues, but have not found a solution.

The best solution I have found for QBittorrent is to always point the client to a local filesystem, and use mounts or symbolic links to point to the actual data on the NAS. I use symbolic links when hosting QBittorrent on Windows and the NAS store is also Windows.

Basically, when you click on the “General” tab on a torrent, the “Save Path” should point to a local filesystem, and not have anything like \\SERVER\Share\Path in the string. It should be something like D:\MyTorrents or /mnt/mytorrents.

I was able to fully resolve this completely re-doing the ACL’s reclusively, originally the owner was @user root and @group root. When I upgraded everything to Scale , created the new admin account and disabled the root account the permissions for all the data sets + SMB shares retained the old permissions.

I was able to re-ACL everything with the appropriate usernames and group memberships for all datasets and shares that were impacted.

Funny enough, only Q Bittorrent complained, everything else kept working including regular user file access for read/write/execute and everything else.