TrueNas Scale Apps are running but GUI Apps shows "Applications are not running"

I just made some modifications to use Hardware Accelleration, I executed the command:

sudo midclt call system.advanced.update ‘{“kernel_extra_options”: “i915.enable_guc=3”}’

Then I rebooted the Nas and checked the HuC and GuC firmware all looks fine (loaded).
Now I was going to make changes to the Jellyfin install, but the Web GUI Apps shows “Applications are not running”.
But the applications (Jellyfin, Sonarr, …) are running!

What do I need to do to get to have them back in the Web GUI?

I can choose “Open settings” and see that the Node IP = that does not look OK?
But no clue what it should be, never changed this before…

Try a force refresh of the apps page with shift+f5. The gui caches some stuff and it could try to load the cached data.

Thanks, that worked!