Truenas SCALE Cobia - Login page refreshes in a loop before I can log in


Feels like this is out of the blue, but I went to use the web UI for my truenas today and the login page now refreshes after about two seconds, and does so continuously.

Doing a cache-less refresh of the page briefly shows the login form, and then the “hunting connection” dialog, and then the page refreshes back to the login form.

I can’t log in to check, but this is on one of the 23.10 SCALE versions. With firefox.

CTRL + F5?

You did not change anything?
Did you try another browser?

The server itself is running / responds to ping?

Do you, by any chance use the truecharts traefik and external app to access the gui via domain name? I’m getting the same error in the discribed configuration. For me it’s still possible to access the gui via ip and not domain name.
I hope the traefik guys fix that bug and truecharts can then push the fix to their app.

Edit: Forgot to mention that in the discribed case it’s an upstream bug from traefik, not the fault of truecharts.


Thank you for mentioning that. Logging in with IP and downgrading traefik to 26.10.3 resolved the issue for now.

I was going to say “No, I didn’t change anything” but it turns out my auto-upgrade cronjob for truecharts apps upgraded traefik overnight, apparently leading to the issue. Thank you for the troubleshooting tips!

There’s an update for traefik available that fixed the issue for me.

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