TrueNAS Scale crash while time jumped backwards

When I found the MTA mismatched, I was unable to log in through the web portal. I used SSH to log in to the server and found out that the time was 1.5 minutes quicker than real time. I then tried to modify the time by running “date” to set the time correctly. However, the web service crashed, and rebooting the machine led to rescue mode. When I tried to exit rescue mode, I got the error message “Failed to start Operation refused, unit may not be isolated.” The system halted, and I could not find a way to fix it except by completely reinstalling TrueNAS and migrating the data disk associated with the original VM.

The system is TrueNAS Scale cobia latest version. This may be a serious problem that needs to be addressed, as it is the second time I have encountered the same issue.