TrueNas scale doesn´t see/manage sda partition

I have an SSD whose configuration became from previous installation of truenas scale.
It has three partition 2 used as cache and log of zraid2 pool (made manually in ubuntu system) e one of data (3 partions in total). Ititialli at scale installation arc and log were recognized by the system.

So i decided to eliminate log and cache for zpool. But now i see only the data partione and i don’t see from the panel any other partition.

Help please

TrueNAS is designed to use whole drives, not partitions. And mixing data, SLOG and L2ARC duties on the same drive shows all symptoms of a Very Bad Idea™.

If you absolutely want to proceed, you have to add partitions as pool members by gptid using the CLI.

Make sure you have good backups!


@etorix Oh come on!!! It is very unfair to suggest that mixing data SLOG and L2ARC on the same drive is a Very Bad Idea™ - to say that this is a Very Bad Idea is a massive understatement and very unfair on all the other Very Bad Ideas!!

@Pindaroli Please provide screen shots of the configuration via GUI or zpool status or zpool import.

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from admin shell i dont´have access to zpool commands.

qbitorrent id the data partition of 3-partition sda

Thanks for your support


@protopia Actually, combining SLOG and L2ARC on the same Optane drive (important!) is within what I consider acceptable in a home setting. It’s the further mixing in of (pool critical) data that is the killer.
And if this is on a consumer QLC drive, it’s off the charts.

It’is a crucial SSD, i have mecha raid so crucial ssd if better anyway better. But now i want to regain the 2 lost partitions