Truenas Scale Dragonfish-24.04.0 - Plex - i5-12400 gpu

Hello everyone. I changed my entire setup on my server. I had before an AMD AM4 (Ryzen 5 5700g) based DDR4 and now i moved eveything to a DDR5 I5-12400 because i want to use the Quick Sync with Plex.

At this moment i can’t see anything different while playing videos and i want to be sure i’m using the iGPU.
So the question is: how can I be sure i’m using it?

On Plex App i can see this (now selected is number 0):

This is what i’m see directly insime Plex (conversion/converter label):

Set it to Allocate 1 to expose it to the Plex App. Within Plex you should be able to look at logs and trans-code settings to confirm that HW trans-coding is working properly. One way I tested it was by just playing a 4K video trans-coded down to browser 720P and monitoring CPU usage with top, but that was a crude way :slight_smile:

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On the plex dashboard it will show “Transcode HW” next to the movie that is playing if hardware acceleration is used.


Great it works!!! Thanks :heart:


Please forgive me as I am new to Truenas Scale…
How did you get the Plex app to see your data? What did you add to the data configuration? I added mine in the ‘Additional Storage’ when setting up the plugin:

I’m not sure if I added this in the right spot or not, but I can see the /MediaTest in Plex when I run it but no data.