TrueNAS scale on VM - warning non unique serial numbers

Hi, I have setup TrueNAS scale on VM and when adding disks from the VMware hyper visor data store it gives a warning of non unique serial numbers and that adding such disks to a pool can result in lost data. Ian concerned this may cause an issue after reboots or instability. Any advice on this or how to fix? Thanks in advance!

did pass thru HBA? (just a guess)

You’re clearly doing something you should not be doing - either passing through virtual disks (absolutely horrible and pointless) or passing through physical disks (less terrible conceptually, very much terrible in practice).

The only viable way of virtualizing TrueNAS is to pass through a suitable disk controller (typically a SAS HBA), so that ZFS can deal with the disks exactly like it would on a physical machine.

Hi @Nastrek

We recommend that virtual TrueNAS systems have a full passthrough of the storage controller, as described in our blog below:

If you’re just doing this for testing purposes or to become familiar with the UI, you can also set the flag disk.EnableUUID=true as shown in section 4.4 of the same linked blog - a VMware KB article is linked there as well.

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Hi Eric and Honeybadger, thanks for your replies appreciate your feedback. I have set the UUID setting on the VM.

Trying to understand why using the disks on the data store is not recommended. Is it a known issue to cause corruption or problems?

First of all, if you’re using TrueNAS, the only reasonable option is for TrueNAS to manage the storage. That means no hardware RAID nonsense in the mix and it means direct access to physical disks.

Yes, the worst case goes as far as data corruption, but the best case is that you have a crappy solution that cannot do what it’s intended to do - but even worse, it might seem to be working, until something goes wrong.