Truenas scale qbittorrent set up https

Since I had a Hard time setting up https for qbittorrent on TruenasScale here is a tutorial. I don’t really know where to put it.

I was using the TrueCharts version for Qbittorrent. When I correctly enabled Https however it broke everything and I couldn’t connect to it anymore. I had to edit the qbittorrent.conf to disable it again.

Using this answer for firefox:

And this: Linux WebUI setting up HTTPS with self signed SSL certificates · qbittorrent/qBittorrent Wiki · GitHub
Go to your /config/qbittorrent/sslfolder (if not there create it).

openssl req -x509 -nodes \
  -newkey RSA:2048       \
  -keyout root-ca.key    \
  -days 365              \
  -out root-ca.crt       \
  -subj '/C=US/ST=Denial/L=Earth/O=Atest/CN=root_CA_for_firefox'

Replace everything after subj to your liking, but copy it you will need it later once more.

openssl req -nodes   \
  -newkey rsa:2048   \
  -keyout server.key \
  -out server.csr    \
  -subj '/C=US/ST=Denial/L=Earth/O=Dis/CN=anything_but_whitespace'

now create a extfile.txt and fill it with this:

subjectAltName = IP:<your ip adress>
authorityKeyIdentifier = keyid,issuer
basicConstraints = CA:FALSE
keyUsage = digitalSignature, keyEncipherment

You also can use a domain instead:

subjectAltName = DNS:<your domain name supporting wildcard>
openssl x509 -req    \
  -CA root-ca.crt    \
  -CAkey root-ca.key \
  -in server.csr     \
  -out server.crt    \
  -days 365          \
  -CAcreateserial    \
  -extfile extfile.txt

Now edit your App in truenas and go to Network.
Then add your ethernet adapter and enter a static ip. (of course a different from your truenas server one)
For some reason I needed to do this, or it won’t work. Probably because of the https config for my truenas server.

Now enter the crt and key in your webui settings.


Finally add the root-ca.crt to your firefox in your about:preferences#privacy in the Certificates and then in Authority import it.

I hope this helps someone.
I finally can now use magnet links in firefox to open directly qbittorrent.

I think the TrueCharts folks expect that you’d handle HTTPS by setting up Traefik and Ingress, rather than with the individual applications.