TrueNAS Scale Server (SMB) keeps counting up in network?


I am running TrueNAS Scale (Dragonfish-24.04.0) on a Proxmox (8.2.2) host.

Additionally I have Fritzbox as DHCP and piHole as DNS Server.

Trying to access the truenas machine shares (SMB) via mac or windows pc’s using the hostname does not work after a while.

I notice the device name in the network gets a number attached that counts up.

When I fresh boot the trueness machine it shows under client devices correctly as truenas. But after a certain time (days) it shows as truenas-2, truenas-3 and so on …

Sometimes I also got an error trying to access the machine with its name but I can use the IP address of the truenas server - that works always.

I already tried the troubleshoot steps from here. Netbios, hostname are all set / same.

When I restart the SMB service of truenas it works again for a while … but after some time it only works reliably via the IP.

I doubt it’s a TrueNAS problem… DHCP and DNS issues.
Can you just fix the IP address of TrueNAS?

Yes my truenas server has a fixed IP… but that causes some issues elsewhere.

Mac loses the IP mapped drive every reboot. With domain name it works.

I am just trying to figure out where this weird behaviour comes from. Will try to fiddle with DHCP and DNS settings next …