TrueNAS Scale Share Permissions Issues

I know there are probably loads of threads here about the subject, and I have read quite a number, but I am at a loss. I previously have used Core and its been fine, but the changes in Scale have confused me a bit. I am hoping someone with more experience can identify what I am doing wrong.

I am trying to make a media dataset/share wherein I have a group called media that has my user account and a user account called plex as members of the group.

I then want to give this media group permission to read/write/execute into the media share. For the most part it works, however, it appears that any folders & files that I create with my user account is inaccessible to the plex user account. The plex user can create files and folders on the share.

Below are screenshots of my settings. I am not sure how to make it so any files or folders created by one user are automatically accessible to another in the group.

Dataset Settings:

Share ACL:

Filesystem ACL:

If theres any other screenshots that would help let me know.

You need to add a default entry for the group as well.

You are a hero. Adding another mask that had default and another group that had default fixed the issues.