TrueNas set up for Proxmox cluster

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever post in the truenas forum, I am currently using unraid and I would like to move away from it, at least for my production devices mainly for the poor performance it yields.
I have the following hardware that I’m planning to use :

  • Gen9 DL380 / 12 x 3.5 drives at the front and 3 x 3.5 at the back / P840 controller / Sas Expansion card (Truenas)
    -Gen9 DL380 / 24 2.5 bays (Proxmox) / 440AR Controller / Sas Expansion card / 8gb SFP
  • lenovo system x3650 m5 (Proxmox) / M5210 controller / 8gb SFP
  • Juniper EX4300 with 4 QSFP slots (not used)
    I would like to use TrueNas as a datastore for both Proxmox servers, so that I can have things like HA but also to save on power usage by running minimum storage on the severs.

My question is that is it possible to have Truenas serve storage using an HBA card instead of FC or ISCSI? also can I have Truenas virtualiazed but also making the storage accessible to local Proxmox using SAS?
Do you have better suggestions?



Also no.

And again no.

TrueNAS is for network attached storage. With the exception of iSCSI, all of the use cases you’ve suggested are direct-attached storage.

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What’s your suggestion to be able to use Truenas as a shared storage for 2 Proxmox hosts with minimum latency?
Also will using the RAID controllers in HBA mode will lead me into issues down the road?
Thanks for your answer.


Probably. See:

Thanks, that was the answer I was afraid of, NFS can a be a pain to setup and any change to the configuration leads to random troubles.
is NFS through FC fast enough? what about using NFS through ethernet?

Doesn’t matter; TrueNAS doesn’t support FC.

Throw enough resources and appropriate configuration at it and it’s surely fast enough for anything.

Thanks a bunch, you cleared a ton of misconceptions I had.

NFS or iSCSI (LVM-on-iSCSI specifically) - note that you may need to consider the use of a slog device to accelerate the sync writes generated by NFS or iSCSI with sync=always on the volumes. This is necessary to protect the in-flight data from your Proxmox hosts.

Likely. Try to swap your P840 for the H240ar (assuming you’re planning to run SCALE) or an H220.

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Planning on running core, unless there is a limitation.

You may have better driver support for the MicroSemi-based controllers like the H240ar and similar “official” HP cards through the Linux driver base on SCALE, vs. the FreeBSD-based CORE.

But in general, SCALE with the advent of 24.04 has been able to match or exceed the iSCSI performance on CORE:

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