TrueNAS Vs Windows 10

Should i install TRueNAS on my Machine. I have 2 Hard disk totaling 3Tb. i am planning to buy 16 tb hard disk. My primary purpose for NAS is to run plex server. I don’t need RAID or any data protection. I can run Piwigo for photos backup and Plex for media server on my Windows 10 Machine. i don’t need transcoding. All my client devices can run 10bit HEVC files.
Should i install TrueNAS by formatting Windows 10. Is it worth it for my use case. Everything i want to do, i can do with Windows 10. Also the area in which i am living in has daily power outages which increases the chance of OS Corruption. It has happened with WIndows in the past, but i can boot from USB and install it again. I don’t know if i can do it with RAID on TrueNAS.
Choosing ZFS or NTFS is permanent because i don’t have another backup hard disk for 16TB Primary Disk.Also there is benefit with Windows, i can run Office and photoshop if my laptop is not working.
So should i stick with Windows or go down the rabbit hole and run TrueNAS for my storage needs.

Unpopular (maybe?) opinion: Stick with Windows 10.

From what you described, as well as your needs and level of technical know-how, I don’t see the point of converting your PC into a NAS server, let alone TrueNAS.

Remember, unlike Windows 10, there is no desktop GUI with a mouse for a NAS appliance. It’s all web-based from your web browser. It sounds like you wouldn’t really want that based on your needs.


Agree, you dont have any real use to use truenas for a simple share for media, just add’s complexity and overhead.

Also, just get a small UPS enough to power down your OS if you have so many power outages, better than potentially frying your entire system