Two separate shares on one server

Can anyone tell me, is it possible to create two separate shares without creating second server?
Right now I have this structure:
What i want to achive, is a structure, which looks something like this:

Is it possible to do on one server?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Egor,

I’m only familiar with TrueNAS Scale. Since you don’t specify, I assume you’re running Scale. If that is the case, then yes, that is possible within one server. It does, however, depend on what hardware you have available.

In order to separate your shares into entirely different paths you need multiple Pools. Two separate pools would allow you to create the following setup:

  • Pool1
    • Dataset1
  • Pool2
    • Dataset2

This would in turn allow you to create shares like this:

I assume that you, at this time, only have one pool available. In order to create that extra pool, you need to have unused, available disks. For example two free disks tied up in a stripe configuration would allow you to create a new pool. If all your current disks in your server is used in one or more other Pools, you would either need to delete a Pool (and thereby deleting data) or installing more disks in your server.

Do you want it to appear to the smb client that it’s connecting to a separate server (ie. srv1 an srv2?) but actually host those two servers on the same physical host?

It depends what you want to achieve from this, really. Can you explain more why you want to do this?

If it’s purely a cosmetic thing (ie. the NetBIOS name) this can achieved in the SMB service settings by adding an alias. This, however, will advertise all shares on all aliases and you’d have no granularity of permissions, so you’d have:

I think the only way you could advertise shares exclusively on specific server names would be to run multiple smb daemons. Of course you can’t bind multiple daemons to the same NIC, so you’ll need multiple virtual or physical NICs