Ubuntu Server VM not able to reach TrueNas

Hello from Germany,
i am trying to mount an smb share from my TrueNas Scale Server into my UbuntuServer VM running on Trunas. I am getting the following error:
mount error(113): could not connect to to find suitable address.
It also says “destination host unreachable” when trying to ping the TrueNas host. But i can ping both and use ssh from a different windows machine in the network with the ip .55
The VM has the ip .108
I have the following network config in TrueNas. (The VM uses br01)

I hope someone can help


What is the member of br0?

You need to remove the configuration for enp0…

You must not have two interfaces on the same subnet.

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Interface Settigns are:

the enp0… is the Hardware interface used for accsessing the web ui and any smb. But I can just remove it an the ui will still be accsesable via ip .54?

You need to assign .54 to the bridge then.

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