Unable to access GUI after Dragonfish upgrade

System info:
Ryzen 7 5700G
Boot Drive Samsung SATA SSD 128GB

As per title. Was before still in Bluefin, managed to perform a successful upgrade to Cobia with no issues in Apps, VMs and shares. All accessible from the GUI interface and SSH.

Following health check I attempted to preform upgrade from Cobia to Dragonfish through the GUI, and auto reboot checked.
Upon reboot the GUI is unable to load and attempting from different device/incognito mode I get a “refused to connect”. Connecting with a monitor to the host displays the normal “The web user interface is at IP” and no warning messages. SSH is still working.

attempted the steps to restart middlewared service but got the same results. Only way to access GUI has been to boot with the Cobia env for the time being.

Please advice.

Same here I did my update 5-19-2024, 3 days after you - but I don’t even have SSH! Everything else works fine, VMs, apps, but trying to get into the server itself is all “connection refused” I’m about to drag out a monitor and plug it in I guess, but from what you’re saying, it makes no difference.

Hello Andy1,

I believe it has been “resolved” from my side by removing my VMs. There seems to be an existing bug mentioned on the upgrade guide that may be patched on the upcoming update that should solve the issue as well.

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Thanks. I resolved it by booting back to the previous Cobia environment. I think I’ll wait for a few more releases before I try again.

The issue you are both describing is the same central issue @mclaird mentioned in the release notes and is resolved in the 24.04.1 release, due out on Tuesday.

Here’s some explanation of the issue/fix: