Unable to access NAS after power surge auto reboot

Hi everyone,

I have my NAS computer’s motherboard settings configured that when it gains power, to power on. This is specifically for in case of a power surge or outage so I do not have to manually turn it on afterwards; however, in the actual event of something like this happening, the computer turns back on but I’m unable to access any folders via SMB or any of my video files from Plex.
It’s an easy fix, I just have to manually hold the power button of the computer until it turns off and then push it again to turn it back on and it starts properly. I’m not sure where to find logs or what to pull or make of them, but in the system notifications, it looks like the NAS software was working because it logged the power surge and then it logged me manually power cycling the computer when I realized my data wasn’t accessible a few hours later. Is there some type of setting with SMB or plugins I need to enable for them to start after a situation like this?


I doubt it’s an SMB or service issue.

You implied that you could not log in via the GUI or SSH? If that’s the case, then it’s a lower-level issue than “SMB isn’t starting”.

When you could not access the SMB shares, were you able to access the server via SSH or the web GUI?

I did not try accessing via SSH but webUI was down.