Unable to create s3 cloud sync via UI

I created an S3 bucket, an IAM user (with limited permissions), I added the credential via the UI. I was unsuccessful in getting it to verify the credential, but it wouldn’t tell me what the error was. I assume it was trying to list buckets, so I gave the user permissions to do so. I never got it to try validation again (verified by looking at cloudtrail).

Knowing that the credential worked even if truenas said it failed for some reason, I pushed forward with creation of the cloud_sync task via the UI. As soon as I selected the credential it error’d out saying something about the s3 provider not existing.

I was able to create it and it’s working just fine with this in the CLI:

task cloud_sync create description="my backup" direction="PUSH" transfer_mode="COPY" path="/mnt/volume3/afolder" credentials=3 schedule={"minute":"0", "hour":"10", "dow":"*", "dom":"*", "month":"*"} transfers=16 attributes={"storage_class": "GLACIER", "bucket":"mybucket", "folder":"/"}

It shows up in the UI and I can start/stop it, but I cannot edit it.

Is there something I need to do to get this working or is this just bugged?

Running version: TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2

Sounds like others have had this issue recently as well:

Everyone has different needs and I encourage each person to find a solution that works best for them. For me, using the TrueNAS GUI with the rclone backend didn’t work well for me. It didn’t offer the flexibility I needed for my backups to AWS Glacier and Deep Archive. When I set up the CloudSync task, the rclone backend insisted on uploading the 46TB that were already in AWS’ cloud. I understand that rclone has some tricky behavior when using AWS Glacier and Deep Archive storage tiers. In the end I ended up installing the latest version of AWS CLI. I use the native AWS CLI, some scripts, and systemd timers to automatically backup my TrueNAS arrays to AWS as an offsite backup solution. Good luck with finding the right solution for you!