Unable to install apps receiving error communicate with kubernetes error

Hello Friends! I am a new User to TrueNas just recently finished up with a Fresh Install of true nas scale with latest updates and I keep getting met with this kubernetes error every time I try and install any apps. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Here is a screenshot of the error.


Wonder if we had an issue on the initial bootstrap of the K3s setup.

Do this:

Apps → Settings → Unset Pool

Apps → Settings → Choose Pool

That should re-init the K3s setup and see if it takes care of the issue for you.

Do what Kris said and check the advanced settings. Set the correct interface and get sure that the interface has uplink, gateway and node ip are correct then you should be fine. Had a case where it didnt work when i had the wrong interface selected and in another case no gateway provided. it just vanished after saving and reopening the settings.