Unable to install True Nas Scale with nvme plugged in


I’m attemptng to install Truenas scale from a usb, however if I have a samsung nvme drive plugged in to install it onto, when I click the usb as the boot drive I get this error shown in the image.

I’m using a gigabyte z690 aorus pro ddr4 intel lga mother board
2x 8gb ram cosair.
intel i5-12400 cpu.
stock samsung 512gb nvme ssd.

If I unplug the samsung nvme drive it boots successfully to the truenas setup.
EDIT: Update - I semi resolved this.
Solution: I put the iso on a usb, plugged 2 usb’s in and installed Truenas on a usb instead of the nvme. I then booted Truenas from the USB and used the Replace setting to copy the boot file from the usb to the nvme drive. I then shutdown Truenas, unplugged the usb and now can boot from the nvme drive. Qutie a bit of effor but glad to have some solution

I suspect the NVMe drive was not blank and had some OS on it already.

If you reboot with the NVMe installed and the installer does it still crash now?

You’re probably right. The SSD did previously have an operating system on it. I thought I had sufficiently formatted the SSD, however I formatted using windows so maybe there was a hidden partition messing with things. In any case I included the solution that worked for me in my OP in case anyone else runs into a similar issue.

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