Unable to lookup configured interfaces: br0

Hello all,

I have a Scale build with the following hardware
CPU: 5600G
Motherboard: MSI B550M Mortar MAX

I set up a Bridge network with the 2.5G port on the motherboard as I have 2 VMs running in TrueNAS. However, after the upgrade to Dragonfish 24.04.0, I frequently run into this error

  • Failed to configure Kubernetes cluster for Applications: Unable to lookup configured interfaces: br0

I understand that after a reboot, Kubernetes starts before the bridge network does, so an error like this would pop up. The current version of Dragonfish hasn’t fixed this yet.

The thing is, now even if I don’t reboot and there is no network change in the system, I would get this error at least once a week. This is annoying because I have Adguard Home running and every time the App service stops, all my devices would have Internet issues. What’s worse, TrueNAS system cannot send E-mail alert because of the error so sometimes I wouldn’t know until I run into network problems.

The quick fix is to go to App settings, unset pool then choose pool again manually. However, this doesn’t prevent the error from showing up again.

Prior to this NAS build, I have used the motherboard on a daily Windows system for almost a year. There were no issues with the NIC on the motherboard.

Right now I couldn’t find the cause of this error. I read some post with similar issues where OP had network changes. But in my case, the name of the network interfaces doesn’t change and there is no dedicated GPU installed.

Any ideas what could be causing the issue? Has anyone run into similar problems?


Known issue that will be resolved in 24.04.1, but there is also a workaround hot patch in this ticket