Unable to pass GRUB Minimal BASH-Like

Hello, this is the first time i’m posting into this forum, if i am at the wrong place, i am sorry. But I have a problem.

I seem to be stuck at this (refer to photo):

Some information:

  • My last saved config is last month truenas-TrueNAS-SCALE- and i’m not sure if that save also included secret seed. Hmm…
  • This happens after a power cut
  • Using 2 USB mirrored boot pool, one had gone kaput and the other has “Online” status, but i remembered that there was a degraded warning. I forgot to get a replacement!
  • Have been using TrueNAS Scale for about at least 6 months and has been great until now
  • Applications that I have are Plex, FileBrowser and Tailscale
  • 4x 4TB HDD, I think i’m using ZFS RAIDZ1
  • 32GB memory
  • Motherboard B550M PRO-VDH WIFI
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600

If you need more information, please let me know. Thank you for your time.

Does the file name end in .tar or in .db? If the former, it includes the secret seed. If not, it doesn’t.

If it does, really the easiest thing to do is replace the boot device–ideally with a small SSD–then do a fresh install of TrueNAS and upload your saved config file.

Ends with .tar. At least that is one good news.
However, between that saved config and today, I might have tweaked certain things. Is there a way to get the latest config somehow?

Btw, does this mean that the USB Boot Pool that I have is corrupted?

Is there fix without having to do fresh install?


It seems I have successfully passed the GRUB and regained access by following your advise.
But didn’t have to use my saved config file.

Using a 1TB External HDD for a mirrored boot-pool that I have laying around, couldn’t find anything else and I don’t have any extra SATA port available.

Downloaded the TrueNAS Scale and flash that ISO to an 8GB USB stick.

Attempt to Install / Upgrade under the option, selected Upgrade, selected the 1TB and the old 16 USB stick previously used for boot-pool - as new mirrored boot pools, and then selected to format the drives as option.

Took a while, at least few hours and went well. I can log in to the Web UI using the same IP address, all my settings seems to be in place.

Thank you for your brief and yet effective guidance @dan.