Unable to Replace Disk TrueNAS Core 13.0-U6.1

I came across this old thread from earlier in the year, which is close to what’s happening.

Basically I had a failed WD Red 10TB that I was trying to replace with a new WD Red 10TB and I can’t find the disk.

As suggested in the earlier thread I ran dmesg but not sure what I’m looking for. All disks (da0 through da17) that are already in there and online are showing. If the new one is a da# then it’s not listed that I see.

I’m using a supermicro case and tried different spots in the backplane, spots that are working with other disks. I’m about to connect the drive to my windows machine to see if it sees the drive. It’s definitely spinning and heating up.

I’ve read some issues with replacing disks in 13.0 but I’ve done it before with no issue.

Any ideas?