Unable to run SMART test

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Third question of the day for me. Regarding SMART tests, I tried to run a manual SMART test (short) on one of the NVM’e devices in my pool but I received the following message.

I would not expect to see this as I know the drive, like most supports SMART.

Any ideas ?

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Which version of TrueNAS? It’s the little things that matter.

TrueNAS cannot run NVMe SMART Tests yet. You can manually run them if you have a version of TrueNAS with smartmontools 7.4 or greater.

See my like below to Multi-Report, this script will run SMART tests on NVMe drives without issue, assuming the NVMe drive supports SMART.

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Thanks for the information. That is surprising, I assume there is a reason for the omission of that functionality in TrueNas as a standard feature?

I am running TrueNas Dragonfish I will take a look at the script you mention.

I honestly don’t know why there would be a problem, the commands are pretty simple. I suspect it is just the drives are called sda, sdb, sdc… but the NVMe drives are nvme0 or in CORE it is nvd0. I don’t work for iX so I’m not sure what the agenda is. I do expect it to be added eventually, I’m just surprised it isn’t included already. I included it in my script to hold people over until it does get implemented and then I plan to remove that feature unless I get many requests to retain it.

For anyone interested, I have escalated this to TN: [NAS-129868] - iXsystems TrueNAS Jira

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If you would like to have SMART functionality added to scale, I have created a feature request : SMART Reporting For NVMe Storage

Please vote if you feel it is a worthwhile addition.