Unable to save a static network interface config

I’m attempting to add a network interface for a direct attached device. I’m able to configure a working device at the command line, but if I put these settings in the UI, the UI forces me to test this setup and then drops all connections in the test and resets to the defaults it is presenting in the UI.

What do I need to do to convince these settings to get saved. Not clear to me if I can just go to edit files on disk.

No, you can’t–or at least if you do the changes will be overwritten. But the console menu should let you change the network configuration as desired. What isn’t working there?

As I go back into UI to take some screenshots, I see that it has picked up the IP that I assigned in the terminal. But as you can see, if I edit the entry, it insists on making this a DHCP interface despite the many times I have gone in here to set a static IP. After making the changes in the UI, it requires a test of the settings before committing them which for some reason fails and then reverts back again to DHCP and the ipv6 address it has somehow picked up.

Referring to the top interface showing the address.

So to answer your question, nothing is working about it.

Fine. But the question I actually asked was:

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Totally missed your question there. You are absolutely right. Had not done anything at the console. It appears to have successfully persisted the changes.

Thanks for that suggestion.

Edit: I discovered that after setting the config on this secondary point-to-point connection, that I had no other connection to the network configured. This appears to be due to the fact that I was configuring the primary interface via DHCP and perhaps hadn’t really saved a config for this interface? After going back into the console and setting the config for that interface to use DHCP, all is well. This is likely why the test for the secondary interface through the UI was failing…

That would likely be your problem.

You should be able to configure network interfaces with the GUI; the feature is there, it’s pretty well thought-out, and many people have used it successfully. But the GUI necessarily requires a network connection–so if there are problems that way, I think the safest way to go is through the console. Just to explain the thought process behind my suggestion.

I think there is another problem here…

I never went in and saved a network connection after the install. The software was installed and I pulled up the web UI and started configuring other resources. I think because there was never an action of me saving a network interface, any attempt to save one (in this case my secondary interface dedicated to iSCSI connections) resulted in TrueNAS dropping the network interface I had relied on for connecting to the web UI. The secondary connection has no route to anything off the server other than to other iSCSI clients so the test failed. I saw the result of this when I configured this secondary interface through the console. The other primary NIC was then unconfigured/unused and therefore, had not web UI available to me. I resolved this by going in and saving a configuration for this primary NIC at the console.

Talking about SCALE here btw…

When reconfiguring network settings in TrueNAS you always need to think about how you will reconnect to confirm them.

That might involve doing a two step configuration.

To see what I mean take a look at this video where I first switch ip, then switch interfaces (It can be done in one go, but it’s simpler not to)

And you can make multiple changes in one go.