Uncompressing files on TrueNAS SCALE (7z/zip/rar)

Made an account explicitly for this (maybe some other things later). I’m using SCALE 24.04-RC.1 and can’t find an easy way to uncompress files without having to use my primary machine.

NAS transfer to PC, unpack into temp folder, then transfer back to NAS seems pretty inefficient.

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Any updates on this? [NAS-124925] - iXsystems TrueNAS Jira

Have not looked into compatible formats, but I see at least 3 programs that should be able to do zip at least;)


Is this built-in?? Sorry, it’s my first NAS ever and I’ve only been tinkering with it for less than a week

Yes, those are built-in. unzip should handle .zip files. 7z also appears to be included. But I don’t see that anything’s included that would handle .rar files.

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Can you please write me a quick dummy how-to?

Is this a shell command? I really prefer GUI stuff since I’m a Windows native and Linux noob so I tried looking at “Doublecommander” from Truecharts… I’m also having problems with apps (even from TrueNAS) hanging and/or stuck in deploying


Sorry, there’s no GUI file management of any sort natively on TrueNAS. Never has been. There are apps for the purpose, as you’ve found. Or you can just put them in a shared folder and use a client PC to unpack them there.

7zip handles .rar files too.


I haven’t been keeping up with SCALE development. I know Core includes 7z out-of-the-box (no need for jails or VMs to install it.)

I remember SCALE did not (unless you ran the multi_report.sh script.)

Did they finally include 7z by default with SCALE? There’s been no movement on my feature request from over 5 months ago.

This might be the case in your system because you ran @joeschmuck’s multi_report.sh script at one point.

TrueNAS 23.10 does not have it, 24.04 does not either. But installing it is very easy should you need to, I can tell you how.

EDIT: Multi-Report no longer automatically installs 7zip unless the user wants to encrypt attached TrueNAS configuration files, which in my opinion is really not needed, but someone wanted it, there it is.

True, I did. I think everyone should, really, but I guess that’s a separate issue.