Update failed from SCALE 24.04 to

Hello all, i have this VM under PROXMOX and i tried automatic updating as in the title.
Here’s what i got after reboot.
If i enter the “old” 24.04 entry in grub it works fine but is not updated
What happened?

It is very possible you have a hardware incompatibility issue.

Out of curiosity, do you have enough space on your boot drive to add another environment? I believe the message is saying it cannot mount /root which is on your boot drive.

Hello Joe, thanks for answering. Do you mean that when updating it firts add the enviroment and then scrap the older one? do you want the root partition?

admin@truenas[~]$ df /root -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
boot-pool/ROOT/24.04.0/root 5.7G 256K 5.7G 1% /root

24.04.1 and have a different kernel to 24.04.0, and they sometimes crash at boot in a VM.

24.04.2 uses a newer kernel still, which seems to fix the issue.

You may want to consider trying a 24.04.2 nightly


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that’s wild. i think i’ll stick with 24.04 then for now. how do i remove the new entry completely? FROM the Boot section in the GUI is possible?

activate the entry you want to keep, then you can delete the others

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