Update to Jellyfin 10.9.4 stuck in "Deploying" state

I installed Jellyfin 10.9.3 on my newly installed SCALE system, following the documentation and had it up and running fine after it finally finished indexing my library (my machine only has 8GB memory). A few days ago, I tried updating to Jellyfin 10.9.4 via the UI and noted that the updated system gets stuck in the “Deploying” state.

Looking at the app logs, it seems as if the upgrade performs a database migration that is taking quite some time on my system and causes the helm chart deployment to be retried after 5 minutes (see Slow Jellyfin startup on 10.9.4 with lower-end CPUs (Synology NAS) for details and log messages).

Is there a way to modify the timeout value to give the Jellyfin app more time to finish the database migration?