Upgrade 23.10.2 -> 24.04.0

So there I thought I was not to far behind and my surprise when I saw it was an entire couple of jumps.

should i be worried, can I do this direct or is there an intermediate version I should go for first?


No, 23.10.2 is the latest cobia release.

24.04.0 is a different train (dragonfish).

There’s no need to immediately jump to dragonfish, 23.10.2 is fine. Dragonfish introduces some new features, but it’s still an early release .0.

You can check out the announcement thread for further information. How to upgrade should be covered in the other link I provided.

so guess the question would be when would be good time to jump trains, as the one is pulling into a station and stoping and the other is departing… always see it makes sense to do the jump while the gap is not to big…

guess will wait for release 1.