Upgrading from Bluefin to Cobia to Dragonfish Experience

Hi all,

I’ve had Scale for quite some time and maintained the updates to Bluefin, but then time got away from me and I’d left it on the latest stable release not noticing the other upgrade chains. Since it worked well I wasn’t really looking that intently. Well I needed a newer Nvidia driver version for a project and that is what led me to realize I was so far behind. In doing a touch of research I saw a lot of posts expressing negative outcomes from upgrades to Cobia, but also noticed someone talking about how few people post their successes.

Yesterday I upgraded from Bluefin to Cobia to Dragonfish successfully. The apps were a little finicky. Some that were TN community edition apps suddenly showed as TrueCharts, but everything worked. No permissions issues. No impact to my pools or storage devices. I have not upgraded ZFS yet, so I’m not 100% upgraded but so far the experience is positive, including the full functionality of the nvidia handoff to an app that wasn’t working before due to dated drivers.

So yeah, just wanted to share a positive upgrade experience. Next up is a full mobo/cpu/mem replacement. Wish me luck… Thanks!



Btw, my understanding is that Cobia and Dragonfish have the same zfs pool features.