Upgrading to Dragonfish and Truecharts Apps, Query re. PVC Storage

Apologies in advance, I’m a TrueNAS newbie so may confuse some of my terminology.

I’ve recently spun up a 23.10.2 Scale server but am obviously looking to upgrade to 24.04.00 at some point as it was recently released.

I have a number of apps installed from the TrueNAS catalog and with, a background in docker and liking to be able to move and backup containers, have configured host path storage for all them. There is no PVC use.

I have one app installed from Truecharts, nginx-proxy-manager (as the Truenas version doesn’t allow running on ports 80 and 443), which is also using host path storage.

The Truecharts documentation says to follow this guide to enable their apps to continue to work properly on Dragonfish.

That guide seems to suggest that the problem is with Dragonfish no longer providing PVC storage. The workaround being to install an additional app that continues to provide PVC storage for Truecharts app.

My question is this: as the only Truecharts app I have installed is configured to use host path storage (as will any I install in the future), do I need to follow that guide?

Does it harm you in any way but for about an hour of time simply following through? I was facing a similar scenario but the procedure was entirely painless and smooth.

For two apps I got a (from memory) “could not delete something dataset something busy …” message but then similar to git the error message also displayed the command to use for copy & paste and then resume the process. So really well implemented and worked perfectly.

P.S. Also the TrueCharts Discord is a rather friendly place. If you need a definite answer if it is safe to skip the procedure, best ask there.

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I don’t know what harm it may do, hence me politely asking for advice from the experts :man_shrugging: :smile:

As I say, I’m a newb here. I came here looking for advice and experience rather than learning by experimentation and potentially blowing away a lot of work I’ve put into this recently.

The guide involves installing running a script to “clean up”, but doesn’t go into more detail as to what it does, and requires installing OpenEBS which I’m assuming I don’t need as I don’t intend to use PVC storage.

Thanks for the suggestion to ask in their Discord, though. I’ll do that. I’m a bit old fashioned and prefer forums to the IRC-ish nature of Discord, but I’ll give it a go, thank you.

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FYI, response from the Truecharts discord:

nginx uses mariadb so even if you’re using hostpath its still got a pvc under the hood for the db. so yes go through the migration guide. you do not need to migration truenas-catalog apps however


I also asked for some extra clarification on this: if you install an app and specify host path storage it may still install another container as a dependency (as in this case: nginx-proxy-manager installs mariadb) and that dependency app/container will use PVC and there’s nothing you can easily to do about it.

It seems to me that this makes backing up such containers/apps difficult. I’ll do further research and see if I can find some best practice in this respect.

Most TrueCharts apps use PostgreSQL and Heavyscript can do scheduled database backups for those. Also PhpPgAdmin works great.

Apart from that: yes, place everything you can on a host path.

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