Upload Speed from cloud sync task

Subject: Need Help with Slow Cloud Sync Task Speeds on a Custom TrueNAS Build

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently put together a custom TrueNAS setup and I’m encountering an issue that I’m hoping someone can help me solve. Here’s a brief overview of my system:

  • Motherboard: MSI
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 6 cores, 12 threads
  • RAM: 64GB
  • Storage: 73TB total capacity
  • Internet Speed: 440 Mbps download, 330 Mbps upload
  • Network Adapters: Connected via two 100BaseTX adapters
    A few weeks ago i had a problem with the download of the cloud sync task. it was really slow like 2-3 Mbips at the end i finally find a solution installing a new Internet Card and it went to 75 Mbi/s that is close to 587 MB/s
    I download close to 80TB of info on my Nas station.
    The Problem:
    After finish all that process my next task is to update all that information to dropbox. For that reason i create another cloudsync task to update copy the info on a push task. When task started I saw that the speed nos is 5 Mbi/s what means is really slow and it take a lot of time in do that task.
    I find the solucion for dowload to a decent speed. Now, How can I fix the update speed, knowing that my internet speed is 500 MBs of update?
    Thanks everyone that help me to fix that problem

Do you mean 100BaseTX adapters, or 1Gb?

Dropbox could be limiting the upload speed pending on how you connect to it?

I know for example on QNAP, there tool they used for connecting to OneDrive and doing syncs, was throttled by MS.

Is my Realtek ethernet really that bad? | TrueNAS Community spoiler: the answer is yes.

Please tell us more about the model of the adapter you have installed. And, are you sure it’s not a pool-performance issue? Is anything going on while the cloud sync is running?

Hello thanks for your anwser a few weeks ago i update the internet adaptor. For the download that was really good, but now for upload i hace between 4 to 6 Mib/s.

my internet adaptor is

Dual-Port PCIe Gigabit Network Card 1000M PCI Express Ethernet Adapter with Intel 82576 Two Ports LAN NIC Card for Support PXE for Windows/Windows Server/Linux/Freebsd/DOS with Low Profile

And My actual speed is like this

I wait for your answer thanks!

hello my friend thanks for your answer. in the previous message i send some information about the problem im having and the details of the adaptor

Have you performed an iperf test?

im not sure i think i dont, how can i do it?