UrBackUp on scale

I am setting up a new Scale server for all my plugins since Truenas Core doesn’t really support plugins too much anymore, at least the community ones that is. I want to run UrBackUp on my Truenas scale server but since there is no plugin for it I planned on running a VM. I wasn’t sure if I should run a FreeBSD or Linux VM or if there was a better way to do this other than using a VM. I have heard some people who have deployed a docker container on the Scale server but not sure how I should go about this. Any help would be great. Thanks.

To deploy a container, that’s a custom app, I use 19 of them. See: Using Install Custom App | TrueNAS Documentation Hub

Of course, that’s great but familiarity with docker concepts will help get you through it. There is also now a jail system as well. You do not need a VM most likely.