USB TV Tuners and Plex App

So with Truecharts deprecating SCALE apps going forward, I’m working on migrating all of my apps back to the official TrueNAS catalog. The one rub I’m having is that the Truecharts version of Plex supported passing through a USB TV tuner, something which I do not see on the TrueNAS catalog version. Does anyone know a workaround to pass a USB TV tuner to the TrueNAS catalog version of the Plex app?

I wonder if you could run the app in privileged mode and add it as a USB device under Additional Storage, as per:

FWIW, that’s how I give the Home Assistant docker container access to the Sky Connect dongle on my Synology box.

You may have to add the Plex container as a custom app, rather than the Truenas catalog one, though:

:point_up: This is the way. You can map in particular devices that way manually in the case of needing to expose anything a bit more exotic than just a GPU.

If you are open to switching tuner devices you could get a network tuner like the HDHomeRun units from Silicondust. I’ve got one of their 4 tuner units and it works just fine and no need to worry about special mappings. Just configure the IP of the unit in Plex and it talks to it over the network.

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I think this is what I’m going to look into, I tried running Plex as a custom app and it kept complaining about permissions for the config files. As for now I’m think I’m gonna go without a tuner.