Use disk where truenas is installed as share folder

hi all I have installed truenas on a virtual machine and I have 2T on that partition. can I use that 2T as smb share folder or I need external hdd device? if yes can someone help me to understand how to use that because the truenas web page ask me for /mnt folder
many thanks

You installed Truenas on a virtual boot drive. This drive will be reserved by Truenas to boot from. You cannot share from the bootpool.

You need to add discs to Truenas in order to create another pool, on which you can then create shares.

While it is possible to run Truenas as a virtual machine, there are certain hardware requirements to do so in a safe manner.

Number 1 is, that you passthrough a HBA or Sata controller to Truenas from your hypervisor so that Truenas has direct hardware access to the attached drives.

This means no virtual drives. Virtual drives may seem to work at first… until they dont and you suddenly lose all your data.

EDIT: In order to get better help, please post your complete hardware and the hypervisor you are using (proxmox?) .

EDIT 2: if by external drive, you mean a USB drive, then yes, technically this is possible by passthrough of a USB controller . But it is not adviced to do so.

EDIT 3 : Resource - "Absolutely must virtualize TrueNAS!" ... a guide to not completely losing your data. | TrueNAS Community