Use Nextcloud TrueNAS Version for Remote Access using Cloudflare Tunnel

I have installed Cloudflare Tunnel (traefix, cloudnative-pg, prometheous-operator, openebs) on my TrueNAS, it works well. Currently, I set my App to HTTP in hostname. I added several apps from Truescale, such as Transmissions, LibreSpeed, and they work.

I tried to add my Nextcloud Truechart version, I set the Ingrees host as I do to other apps, but the page won’t open.

I want to install the Nextcloud TrueNAS version so that we can manually choose the config, data storage host that I want. I added the hostname to the tunnel, and added it to the trusted_domains in config.php. The Nextcloud login page is accessible but it won’t login. Is it possible to use Nextcloud TrueNAS version for reverse proxy?

Yes. I’m running Nextcloud on Scale with Cloudflare Tunnel ONLY without any issue.

I didn’t even have the other apps which you have mentioned installed cause I’m very new to this whole ecosystem…

But rest assured that it will works.

Perhaps you need to share more about what’s the issues faced so that others can advise you accordingly.

I watched many videos and read a lot from forum here to get there…