Vaultwarden App can't get https certificate working


i’m Using TrueNAS Scale for some time and tried to set up Vaultwarden.

I installed it as “TrueNAS App”, but I just can’t get HTTPS working. :frowning:

While setting it up I choose the same certificate I’m using with the TrueNAS Web Gui and I’m able to access Vaultwarden via https with Browser / Browser Extension, but I can’t get it working with the APP.

After putting in the PW it tells me something like “Exception message this certificate is not valid”. At least the TrueNAS Gui is working with this self made certificate for years now.

With http only it works fine.

Exception message: Das Zertifikat für diesen Server ist ungültig.

Eventuell wird eine Verbindung mit einem Server hergestellt, der vorgibt, ," zu sein und vertrauliche Daten gefährdet.

Any Idea what I can do? I don’t want to use a Reserved Proxy. It’s just for use in my Privat Network.

Thank you!