vCenter on TrueNAS

Does anyone know if it’s possible to install vCenter v8 virtual appliance on a VM in TrueNAS Core or Scale?

I would guess so. Have you tried?

  • convert vmdk image file to raw format with e.g. qemu tools
  • use dd to write raw image to sufficiently sized zvol
  • create VM with that zvol as a virtual disk
  • power on VM and see what happens

BTW, I’ve been able to convert vhds directly to zvols on scale, not sure if it works on core. It should work for any format qemu can recognise, and it supports vmdk afaik.

qemu-img convert -O raw <infile.(vdi|vmdk|$whatever)> /dev/zvol/path/to/zvol

Zvol needs to be sufficiently sized.

Works well with a sparse zvol and vhdx images in my experience.

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