VDEVs and Existing Pools

Hello My Esteemed Truenas Enthusiast,

I recently created a mirrored vdev for my newly minted pool (bathtub) and now I’m looking to add a new vdev into my newly minted pool (bathtub).

But when I attempt to add new drives as a new vdev (raidz3) into my “bathtub”, it will only let me mirror! What have I done? Suggestions?

Why would you want your pool to consist of a mirror vdev and a RAIDZ3 vdev?

Well you see, my DAS (holds x4 10TB drives) but my main rig (holds x12 6TB drives). That’s why I’m mixing and matching – to maximize my x4 10TB drives instead of melding them into my one big vdev w/ my x12 6TB drives… N’est pas ?

Well, that was my plan initially… :frowning: