Video: Configuring Static IPs and Network Bridges

Unable to access your TrueNAS host from a VM? Host unreachable? Then you need a Bridge Network!

In this video tutorial I explain TrueNAS Bridge Networking, how to configure a Static IP and make a Network Bridge without losing connectivity, and how to set bridge networking on your VMs and Sandboxes/Jails in order to correct Host/VM network issues.

And finally I performance test the bridge network

YouTube: Setting up a Static IP and Network Bridge


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Set up your main interface with static IP by disabling DHCP and adding IP alias (use the same IP you are connected to for easy results)

Test Changes and then Save them (important)

Edit your main interface, remove the alias IP

Don't click Test Changes

Add a bridge, name it something like br0, select your main interface as a member and add the IP alias that you had on main interface

Click Apply and then Test Changes

after applying all this is faults back and ip is not assigned to br0

Did you shutdown any jails, virtual machines and your apps pool?

Yes, I was trying to configure bridge on a fresh install without apps and vm installed.

Truenas was installed on bare metal, now I installed it as vm on proxmox with hardware pass through and was able to configure bridge.

Hi mate, this guide is perfect, up to when removing the static IP from the ethernet interface to add the bridge, I receive the error “[TRUENAS IP]’ is being consumed by Applications, please use a different node IP in applications configuration.”
I’ve tried disabling all my apps, all VM’s and any services like NFS, still receive that error. (Haven’t done anything with jails).
Any tips what it could be? Even restarted :person_shrugging:

Yes, I neglected to cover the Apps.

Go to Apps, then Settings → Unset pool (this will disable apps)

Make / Test / Save the changes (ie add the bridge etc)

Then go back to Apps and reselect your pool.

Your apps should re-deploy with your data intact.

I tested this with NextCloud configured with ix-volumes for data.

Works a treat thank you very much. I see you’ve answered that in the comments as well now. May want to add to video description or pin that/their comment?

Do you know how can I do this for an app?

I’m trying to setup music-assistant and everything looks correct but I get no sound from the speakers.

Probably because it’s still using the default k3s interface instead of the external one. Any thoughts? Thank you!